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The FH Wedel App provides you with direct access to all important information around your studies

Our Promise


We constantly adapt to your individual needs and wishes. That way, you can influence the development of the app.

Familiar Design

We comply with the minimalistic design of the FH Wedel and use native design elements when possible


We take your security and privacy very serious. Communication between the app and our servers is encrypted and we use analytics only to improve the app.

Extensive testing

We collaborated closely with testers from the beginning. That way, we can earn concrete and honest feedback and detect malfunctions early.

Our Reach

Numbers we are proud of











Inside the app, you get direct access to the handout server of the FH Wedel, so all relevant files are always at hand. You can download handouts, scripts and slides to your phone and view them while you are on the ride. The search and filter functionality allows you to find just what you are looking for!

  • Search and filter functionality

  • Offline access

HVV Schedule

We provide you with an interface to the HVV schedule, which allows you to retrieve the departures of the busses and trains nearby. Just enter your home address and you will get notified when it's time to leave!

  • Notifications just in time

  • Enter your personal destinations


Of course, your very personal timetable can't be missed in the FH Wedel app. With this popular feature, you will always know the time your next lession begins. Additionally, you have the duration, the room number and the instructor's name at hand.

  • Summary of the week

  • Select only the relevant modules

Employee information

The employee list offers all the contact info and office hours of our instructors. Gone are the times you were searching endlessly for telephone and room numbers!

Brand new: Get notified as soon as an instructor is absent so you can stay at home alike.

  • Notifications when absent

  • Overview of all contact information

Study Overview

In the Study Overview we provide you with all important documents concerning your courses. Here, you can find the curriculum, the module handbook and the module overview. This feature allows you to plan your semesters upfront!

  • All relevant documents regarding your studies

  • Search functionality for faster document retrieval

TV Infosystem

The "TV Infosystem" is the internal information system of the FH Wedel. You can now access the TV Infosystem from within the app. Additionally, you will receive push notifications if something changes so you will never miss important news again!

  • All important news on the go

  • Refreshes in realtime

Opening Times

In the opening times modules you get all the office hours of the library, cafeteria and secretariat at a glance! You can also opt in to receive notifications when the opening times change.

  • All opening hours at a glance

  • Notifications just in time


What's more important than lunchtime?!

Always be informed about the meals in the cafeteria and the canteen. Now you can check every morning which lunch you will enjoy at noon and always get an insight on the prices!

  • Meal plan for the whole week ahead

  • Pricing overview included


The "Today" section summarizes the key aspects about the day. You get an overview of the courses ahead as well as the meals available in the cafeteria.

  • Daily timetable

  • Stay informed about your day


In the "News" Section you can find all the news relevant to students of the FH Wedel. Apart from news, we remind you of important deadlines.

  • All the deadlines

  • Always up to date

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The Team

Das Team, das die Entwicklung dieser App ermöglicht hat. Wir suchen Dich! Du bist Student der FH Wedel und hast Lust, uns zu unterstützen? Dann melde Dich bei uns per Mail oder über das Kontaktformular, wir freuen uns auf Dich!

Jaime Taboada Aparicio

Jaime Taboada Aparicio

Project Manager, Designer and Founder

Felix Maaß

Felix Maaß

iOS Developer and Founder

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hoffmann

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hoffmann

Backend Developer and Founder

Jan-Philipp Ottmüller

Jan-Philipp Ottmüller

Backend Developer

What we are working on


There is no need to register to use the app. All content is available immediately without login, except for the handout server.

We take privacy seriously and don't save any unnecessary information. We also don't hand over any data to third-parties, so don't worry. Your data is safe.

If you feel like improving something about our app, we love honest and helpful feedback. You can use the feedback feature in the app settings or the contact form below.

What our users are saying



iOS User

"The app is very well done and is a great complement to the slightly out-of-date FH Wedel website"



iOS User

"A great app to be always up to date. The integration of the Handout Server is a fantastic feature! Thank you Felix :=)"

Everything Everything

Everything Everything

Android User

"A fast and nice app. Refreshing layout. Hoping for more features."



iOS User

"I'd like to thank the development team at this point for their great commitment! The app is very well done and especially the integrated timetable helps a lot. Thank you very much!"



iOS User

"Die FHW App hat echt alles was ich brauche! Ich kann sie echt weiterempfehlen!"



iOS User

"Macht was es verspricht. Top!"

Any questions?

The app is developed by students for students of the FH Wedel. We are thankful for feedback and support. If you are interested in joining us, don't hesitate to contact us.

The app is available for iOS 11.4 as well as Android 8.0 and above

At the moment, you have access to the handout server inside the app. Therefore, we ask for your credentials and always transmit them encrypted and secure.

Yes, as a student or employee of the FH Wedel you get access to all features of the app for free

Please send us feedback about the bug from within the app, we will take care of it! Thank you for your support

Of course! We are always looking for assistance. Just contact us via E-Mail or the contact form below

Send us a message